Tuesday 21 December 2010

The Ultimate Rock Party show

Last Saturday (18 December) was the first of our new Strictly Frankly (100% Zappa) Tribute shows. A new set ,wierd to have none of our songs in there, but a whole lot of fun and challenges !  It was a real blast and we had a great time,good stage,nice sound,good engineer........... and ,despite a shit-load of snow and freezing temperatures ,we had a great crowd in who really enjoyed themselves ! One of the highlights was the 'semi-spontaneous Air Guitar event' in which members of the public came up on stage to show off their dynamic Air Guitar skills during the "Tiny Lites" solo....ferking excellent ! The winner (Eelco from The Hague)was given one of our very own guitars as a prize !!
A mention must also go to the awesome support band Bald As Love who put down a really shrp Hendrix set.

Now we are gonna chill out with friends and family for Christmas and we will be back out to do some shows in the Benelux between 20 January and 20 February. Have a lovely holiday and we hope Santa brings you everything you wanted !

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